What we do

hereMothers’ Union (MU) works to change the lives of people worldwide. Projects may be large or small, and are largely carried through by members locally in their communities. Whilst MU may provide training and facilitation, we do not “parachute in” people to solve problems – rather, local members carry the work forward.  We work in partnership with other bodies, and (for example) the literacy work in Burundi has been jointly funded by Comic Relief.

In the province of Canterbury, which covers England (roughly from Derby southwards), Europe the Channel Islands and Bermuda, projects range from working with refugees, supporting the families of seriously ill children, running marriage preparation and parenting programmes, and supporting prisoners and their families, and much more.

Alongside practical projects, we also campaign.  Recent campaigns have been the Bye Buy Childhood campaign in the UK to challenge the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood, and internationally, against Gender based Violence.

Some more information is on this site. 

For a wider view of our work worldwide, go to the central website HERE.

For information on what is happening in your local area, look at the LINKS page.

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