Wave of Prayer

Mothers' Union Wave of Prayer 
Dates Diocese       Country   Province
5-7 January Swaziland       Swaziland   Southern Africa
Ruaha       Tanzania   Tanzania
Aguata       Nigeria   Nigeria
Lagos Mainland       Nigeria   Nigeria
Norwich       England   Canterbury
Chotanagpur       India   North India
12-14 January Mauritius       Mauritius   Indian Ocean
Kericho       Kenya   Kenya
Katsina       Nigeria   Nigeria
Kumasi       Ghana   West Africa
Winchester       England   Canterbury
Nandyal       India   South India
15-17 January Seychelles       Seychelles   Indian Ocean
Bukedi       Uganda   Uganda
Enugu       Nigeria   Nigeria
Birmingham       England   Canterbury
Marathwada       India   North India
26-28 January False Bay       South Africa   Southern Africa
Shinyanga       Tanzania   Tanzania
Umuahia       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ijebu South West        Nigeria   Nigeria
Bath & Wells       England   Canterbury
Vellore       India   South India
5-7 February Botswana       Botswana   Central Africa
Marsabit       Kenya   Kenya
Idah       Nigeria   Nigeria
Jebba       Nigeria   Nigeria
Salisbury       England   Canterbury
Andaman &  Nicobar Islands       India   North India
9-11 February Lainya       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Ankole       Uganda   Uganda
Abuja       Nigeria   Nigeria
Lagos-West       Nigeria   Nigeria
Lichfield       England   Canterbury
Karnataka North       India   South India
26-28 February Mundri       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Madi & West Nile       Uganda   Uganda
Isikwuato       Nigeria   Nigeria
Chichester       England   Canterbury
Seoul       South Korea   Korea
12-14 March Port Elizabeth       South Africa   Southern Africa
West Ankole       Uganda   Uganda
Nomadic Mission       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ekiti-Kwara       Nigeria   Nigeria
Worcester       England   Canterbury
Episcopal Church of the Philippines       Philippines   Philippines
16-18 March Kajo-Keji       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Tarime       Tanzania   Tanzania
Dutse       Nigeria   Nigeria
Akoko-Edo       Nigeria   Nigeria
Canterbury       England   Canterbury
20-22 April Kinshasa       DR Congo   Congo
Victoria Nyanza       Tanzania   Tanzania
Ahoada       Nigeria   Nigeria
Warri       Nigeria   Nigeria
Oxford       England   Canterbury
Port Moresby       Papua New Guinea   Papua New Guinea
1-3 June Johannesburg       South Africa   Southern Africa
Kumi       Uganda   Uganda
Nsukka       Nigeria   Nigeria
Idoani         Nigeria   Nigeria
Derby       England   Canterbury
Madhya Kerala       India   South India
8-10 June Yambio       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Garissa       Kenya   Kenya
Mbamili       Nigeria   Nigeria
Hereford       England   Canterbury
Willochra       Australia   Australia
Thailand       Thailand   South East Asia
15-17 June Bukavu       DR Congo   Congo
Nyahururu       Kenya   Kenya
Gboko       Nigeria   Nigeria
Portsmouth       England   Canterbury
New Guinea Islands       Papua New Guinea   Papua New Guinea
18-20 June Rejaf       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Military Episcopate       Kenya   Kenya
Doko       Nigeria   Nigeria
Owo       Nigeria   Nigeria
Chelmsford       England   Canterbury
Jamaica & The Cayman Islands       Jamaica & The Cayman Islands   West Indies
22-24 June Rumonge       Burundi   Burundi
Tabora       Tanzania   Tanzania
Kabba       Nigeria   Nigeria
Bukuru        Nigeria   Nigeria
St Albans       England   Canterbury
Nagpur       India   North India
29 June - 1 July Eastern Zambia        Zambia   Central Africa
Mombasa       Kenya   Kenya
Gwagwalada       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ekiti-West       Nigeria   Nigeria
Leicester       England   Canterbury
Temotu       Solomon Islands   Melanesia
9-11 July El Obeid       Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Butere       Kenya   Kenya
Nnewi       Nigeria   Nigeria
London       England   Canterbury
Province of the USA       USA   Episcopal Church
13-15 July Toliara       Madagascar   Indian Ocean
Mbale       Uganda   Uganda
Zaria       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ndokwa       Nigeria   Nigeria
Rochester       England   Canterbury
Chhattisgarh       India   North India
16-18 July Lake Malawi       Malawi   Central Africa
Byumba       Rwanda   Rwanda
Jalingo       Nigeria   Nigeria
St Edmundsbury & Ipswich       England   Canterbury
Lucknow       India   North India
31 August - 2 September Harare       Zimbabwe   Central Africa
Machakos       Kenya   Kenya
Ogori-Magongo       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ekiti       Nigeria   Nigeria
Southwark       England   Canterbury
Phulbani       India   North India
3-5 September Khartoum       Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Dar es Salaam       Tanzania   Tanzania
Bari       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ilesa       Nigeria   Nigeria
Gloucester       England   Canterbury
Dugapur       India   North India
7-9 September Pacong       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Southern Nyanza       Kenya   Kenya
Kutigi       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ijesha North       Nigeria   Nigeria
Bristol       England   Canterbury 
Karnataka Central       India   South India
10-12 September Pretoria       South Africa   Southern Africa
North Mbale       Uganda   Uganda
Oke-Osun       Nigeria   Nigeria
Exeter       England   Canterbury
Barbados       Barbados   West Indies
21-23 September Rumbek       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Soroti       Uganda   Uganda
Aba Ngwa North       Nigeria   Nigeria
Oyo       Nigeria   Nigeria
Peterborough       England   Canterbury
North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba       Islands of the North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba   West Indies
24-26 September Makamba       Burundi   Burundi
North Karamoja       Uganda   Uganda
Lokoja       Nigeria   Nigeria
Sapele       Nigeria   Nigeria
Truro       England   Canterbury
Tirunelveli       India   South India
12-14 October Ezo       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
Thika       Kenya   Kenya
Jos       Nigeria   Nigeria
Akoko       Nigeria   Nigeria
Europe       Various countries in Europe   Canterbury
União de Mulheres Episcopais Anglicanas do Brasil (UMEAB) in Brazil       Brazil   Brazil
12-14 November Ukhahlamba       South Africa   Southern Africa
Maseno West       Kenya   Kenya
Oji River       Nigeria   Nigeria
Dunkwa-on-Offin       Ghana   West Africa
Guildford       England   Canterbury
Coimbatore       India   South India
16-18 November Iraq (Cyprus & The Gulf)       Iraq   Jerusalem & The Middle East
Katakwa       Kenya   Kenya
Kafanchan       Nigeria   Nigeria
Asaba       Nigeria   Nigeria
Lincoln       England   Canterbury
Trinidad & Tobago       Trinidad & Tobago   West Indies
3-5 December Akot       South Sudan   South Sudan & Sudan
South West Tanganyika       Tanzania   Tanzania
Aba       Nigeria   Nigeria
Irele-Ese Odo       Nigeria   Nigeria
Coventry       England   Canterbury
Cuttack       India   North India
10-12 December Lusaka       Zambia   Central Africa
Shyogwe       Rwanda   Rwanda
Sokoto       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ikka       Nigeria   Nigeria
Ely       England   Canterbury
Karimnagar       India   South India

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