Men in Mothers’ Union... REALLY?

Well why not.

 So what about those men who have committed to being Mothers’ Union members? Well I asked a few about why they made that decision.

Gerry Nelson said, “I wanted to become a Diocesan member because I was impressed by the variety of services the members provide in our churches and communities here and around the world and I wanted to support that. The motto, Christian care for families, is inclusive, since care, training and supplies are given to any person in need regardless of religion or nationality. The way Mothers’ Union works for gender equality matches my own feelings. I am also aware of and applaud the local members’ response to social justice issues such as the campaign on Violence against Women.”

Father Charlie Black had this to say, “Over the years MU has made the shift from a ‘gender-based’ organization to an inclusive organization encouraging the strength of marriage and family in a much broader basis that more reflects the breadth of the human condition, without losing sight of its Christian origins.”

 John Stone felt that, to his knowledge, there was no Anglican group for men that pursues current family issues the way Mothers’ Union does at home and abroad.

The Rev. Canon Tom Stradwick, Canadian Chaplain, will continue to be involved because, “I see MU as promoting relationships and mission.’’

These are some of our male members, either branch or diocesan. They are not intimidated by the name Mothers’ Union. They see beyond the name to the purposeful work done in the name of Mothers’ Union. In this wonderful age when so many men embrace the ideals of feminism it is easier to see why men would feel comfortable joining a group called Mothers’ Union. Focusing on families and relationships and what influences them around the world is not a ‘women only’ job.

It is not women’s work, it is people’s work.

Mary Stone

From Canadian Mothers' Union Newsletter


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